And we’re off!!!

SAMSUNGI flew in about 12 hours ago. Lots on my mind, but looking forward to all of this, and i’m as ready as i can be! The native Roberto Diaz and family, Harbor Light’s go-between for the village, and Pastor Jonathan Macciola have done quite well to assist me in settling in as they end their ministry-vacation tomorrow. I’m back in San Salvador to sleep on a bed for a couple nights at Roberto’s sister’s house to make sure i’m well equipped before i cast anchor in a village hammock for the next 6 months.

The kids faces were again lit up like Christmas trees to welcome us all. They love so hard and we are often the benefactors in this relationship. It’s quite humbling and exciting to listen to Pastor Jonathan’s stirrings and gears turning as he attempts to work out all of these epiphanies that often challenge what he’s known about the Western church for so long. It was also fun watching him throw kids around in the river like horseshoes. The kids were kind (naive?) enough to have me on one of their teams for beach soccer. Hope i didn’t let them down too badly…

If you didn’t know yet, now you do: we have a newsletter for which you can sign up, by clicking here. I will be emailing out semi-regular reports as time and resources allow. You’re going to want to keep an eye out for the newsletters especially if you’re looking for more general updates. Here on the blog you can expect more personal reflections and applications of all that’s going down. I’ll be doing my best to make sure to write a blog or a newsletter every week.

All prayers, concerns, and good words are welcome this way! I was flattered by all of the support i got at church last Sunday as Harbor Light sent me out as well as by the turnout last night at Buddy’s Bites and Brews in Hayward. I’m genuinely grateful that i have a family-team with whom to work and incredibly supportive friends that believe in me and in this Project. It’s one thing to have all of them support me; it’s even more that they push me into pursuing my crazy dreams, even though they might be scared for what i might encounter along the way. Without your support, this Project and dream are impotent. Thanks for the legs, everyone!

Ledi and family are glad that you let them borrow me!

If you haven’t checked out the “About” page here or on Facebook, make sure you do so.


One response to “And we’re off!!!

  1. Glad you’re safely arrived, Brother! Big dreams, stout heart, schooled knowledge, purpose and Love – you’re as prepared as you can be, it’s “high-dive” time. Enjoy the jump! Love you! Haha, can’t wait to watch you play soccer…video your progress, eh? Nephew would enjoy, I think. 🙂 And if there’s anything (bolsters?) we can send to make that hammock more comfortable, say the word. 🙂 Amor, y un gran abrazo!

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