August 2013 announcement and the cost of unity

A couple on kids on the pitch enjoy their turn as the myriads behind the target cheer them on and wait their turn.

A couple on kids on the pitch enjoy their turn as the myriads behind the target cheer them on and wait their turn.

This edition’s a bit different than the normal Project blog, but i hope you enjoy the video. As i reviewed there, we will be taking more and more steps throughout my current trip as well as with the team’s trip in August to emphasize and improve village unity through community action. This is a bit of a progressive step as many of the evangelical leaders of the village have been accustomed to projects focused on their churches; however, this year we will be concentrating our efforts on the construction of a large community garden, and the reconstruction of the Catholic church.

The community garden not only represents an opportunity to provide a model for community action in San Jose de la Montaña, but also offers critical improvements for food security and a stabilization effort which should prove pertinent especially when food can be hard to find during hard times and flood season. The Catholic church, as the video depicts, is in dire need of restoration. The Spectrum of Hope Project will make an interdenominational unity event out of the donation of the Catholic church’s front doors and is also currently assisting the leaders of the church to find funds to restore other reconstruction needs.

This is all done with purpose. Frankly speaking, the degree of unity and cooperation which is needed in the village to sustain a potentially revolutionary economic project like we expect the shrimp farm (to be constructed in 2014) to be

could use vast improvements than that which is being exhibited now. The widening of scope and strategy to deliberately connect evangelicals, Catholics, and the community at large is of deliberate design to improve village unity. It is also intended as a demonstration for what unity looks like. Unity costs. Unity is sacrificing ones own self, aspirations, ideas, or set ways, all for the promotion of a larger entity’s betterment. Unity is selfless. Unity sacrifices the trivialities of today for the future’s sake. This is our goal. This is our method. The outcome is yet to play out, but we’re very excited.


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