Guest Post: Pastor Don Prewitt

face paint 1 Guest post! Pastor Don Prewitt, Harbor Light, co-founder Spectrum of Hope Project. Going to another country can certainly be an adventure for anyone who has ever attempted such a task.  Its one thing to go to another country and stay in an air conditioned hotel room, sit on the beach and avoid the impoverished areas of town.  Its another thing to plop yourself down in the middle of those impoverished areas and hang out for 10 days!  Why is it an adventure?  Because God has given us the privilege of doing what He does: “… visiting those in prison, clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, praying for the sick … seeing with our own eyes the needs of the world.”  This is the adventure! I am so proud of this year’s team; they have been flexible, patient and have carried a servant’s heart with them no matter what has been asked or required. We are at a crossroads with our Spectrum of Hope Project.  This year’s trip has certainly made me very aware of it!  We have tried to the best of our ability to love the people of San Jose de la Montaña.  We have given resources, had building projects, evangelized, fed, loved and hung out with these people that we have fallen in love with.  But there comes a time for every person and every project when you realize that loving people from a distance is not easy.  We come once, maybe twice a year, and when we do come there are so many things that we would like to do, so many ideas being thrown around, so many needs directly in our faces, so many opinions of what is best, so many broken hearts from seeing a people that desperately need a little bit of Hope.   As a leader, it can be very, very overwhelming.  Then there is the constant issue of who gets the credit: us or God.  It’s easy to say that God gets all the credit, but it would be wrong of me to say that everyone has to fight the great feelings of being a hero or provider to someone in the village. What is the solution?  I don’t know yet.  I do realize more than ever that our support of relief groups, missionaries, and in-country ministers are so important.  They do what we cannot do.  They serve and live and breathe the same air that we only breathe for 10 days a year.  They have given their lives to a people that we have tried to serve, but are very limited.  This is why I am so proud of Dustyn Bindel.  He gave 6 months of his life to live here, work out this year’s details for our project and love more deeply than we could do in our limited 10 day abilities.  Yesterday I was in a home, that in the past, did not have the best reputation in the village.  Dustyn and I felt that this would be the best place for him to live while he was here.  As I was talking to the mother of the house she shared how she loved Dustyn and felt that he was one of her sons.  He went where our 10 days could never go. So why am I writing all of this… I don’t know.  I just want to write out my fight, my pain, my concerns for the future.  I want to REALLY love the people of San Jose de la Montaña, not just meet an immediate need.  The struggle is good because it will refine what the future of The Spectrum of Hope Project looks like.  The struggle is hard because the answers may not be what we want them to be… Today is a special day for us.  We will be working in the village garden project, then doing our 19 village evangelistic event, complete with a band, drama, 4 piñatas,  and lots of games.  Then we get to spend the night in the village, stay up late and play games with the children and roast marshmallows.  It will be a sticky hot 2 days for us as we sleep on hammocks and kick around the same dirt as the villagers do, but I want to savor every moment of it.  If Jesus were walking the earth at this very moment, I think that He would probably have a hammock hanging in the village of San Jose de la Montaña.  Pray for us as we continue our El Salvador Adventure and desperately try to hear the Holy Spirit’s voice for the future of The Spectrum of Hope Project… Everyone deserves a little hope!The Face of San Jose de la Montana

The Face of San Jose de la Montana

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