The 3 Priorities:

The Purpose:

Love. To bring God glory by reflecting His perfect Love. This love is only inspired by and flows out from profound relationship with God and His presence impacting our daily routine. And we love for the sheer sake of Love; if God’s Love were a means, It would also qualify as Its own end. Of course our love is not perfect. However, the more our love reflects His, the purer it is, the more outstanding. When we are deliberate to posture ourselves carefully available and humbly attentive, this Love is transferred from Christ through us to the people.
-Romans 12:2, Romans 13:8, John 15:9-17, 1 John 3:17, Galatians 6:2

The People:

It’s the people whom we love radically and unabashedly in order to execute as closely as we can the love Jesus demonstrated. This can only and is to be done with utmost regard to the culture of the people of San Jose de la Montaña. That which prioritizes our personal pride, any Western agenda, presumptions of a higher civility, reckless stewardship of the environment, the display of our gifts, or anything which places the ministry before the people will find no place in the Spectrum of Hope Project. The Spectrum of Hope Project is the antithesis of colonialism and aspires to reverse its remaining repercussions; we aim to extract the best in the people, not exploit them nor their resources.
-Ephesians 4:2, 1Timothy 6:17-19, Proverbs 27:17, Hebrews 13:16, 2 Timothy 2:10

The Plan:

The plan is to demonstrate love by equipping the people with the means to sustain their own development in their spirituality, economy, community, and education. Brief examples for each sector of development are as follows: With the foundation already laid by previous Harbor Light mission trips, the Spectrum of Hope Project looks to continue assisting the spiritual development alongside the lead of local Pastor Elias in training and equipping local pastors across the region. The people believe their best opportunity for economic development, our biggest challenge, would be the construction of a shrimp farm which would cost $35,000-60,000 to begin by May 2014. Community development plans include the implementation of a substance abuse recovery program. The Spectrum of Hope Project will also equip the village educationally with English, music, and computer skills lessons.

This is an opportunity for us to be Love incarnate and proof as a relevant hope: the donating of the cloak, the walking of the extra mile. Our objective is to give the village a leg-up onto what economist Jeffrey Sachs calls the first wrung on the ladder of development. The story won’t end there, but San Jose de la Montaña will be able to sustain their own development. It won’t be easy, and we will need all of the support we can get in this five year endeavor.
-1 John 3:18, Matthew 5:38-42

If you feel led to financially support the Spectrum of Hope Project, contributions can be made online athttp://www.harborlight.com/resources/store/online_donations. Please remember to write “Spectrum of Hope Project” in the designation field.

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